Local businesses and Councils across the State are being offered the opportunity to house Tesla Destination Charging Sites, increasing the tourism potential of their location.

Telsa will soon install an additional 50 Charging Sites across the State, adding to the existing network of 50 stations and three SuperCharger Stations at Keith, Clare and in Adelaide.

The news comes following the launch of the Hornsdale Power Reserve by the State Government and Tesla, with the charging station network secured as part of the battery agreement.

State Government will be supporting the release of an Expression of Interest (EOI) by Tesla in the coming days, which invites organisations to host a Tesla Destination Charging Site.

While SuperCharger Stations can charge Tesla vehicles in 30 minutes, the proposed Destination Chargers take several hours to re-power vehicles. They create an opportunity for businesses and Councils to secure visitors for an extended period of time, providing a boost to regional tourism.

Sites will be chosen according to the services offered at the site and their contribution to the state-wide charging network. Sites will generally host two Tesla Wall Connectors provided free of charge by Tesla. The service is to be free for Tesla customers.

The demand for charging stations is expected to grow significantly in the next 5-10 years as more affordable and longer driving range electric vehicle models such as the Tesla Model 3 enter the Australian marketplace.

Participating business will gain marketing benefits from both Tesla and the Government by having their business listed on the Tesla website, Tesla navigation services and future Government electric vehicle tourism materials.


The Adelaide, Clare Country Club, Keith and Horsham Tesla SuperCharger Stations form an 865 kilometre link from Adelaide to Melbourne and the Tesla supercharger network that currently extends to Brisbane.

The first 50 Destination Charging Sites have already been installed, with locations for the additional 50 to be chosen in January 2018, ahead of installation commencing from February 2018.

On Friday 1 December 2017, the State Government and Tesla launched the world’s biggest battery which will provide clean and affordable wind energy to the grid, 24/7.

Quotes attributable to Premier Jay Weatherill

Adelaide has the ambition of being the world’s first carbon neutral city, and we are striding ahead with our network of vehicle charging stations and last week’s launch of the world’s biggest battery.

Hosting a Destination Charging Site provides an opportunity for Councils and local businesses such as hotels, to attract a captive audience for hours on end.

In what would be a boost to regional tourism, Tesla owners will map their travel against the location of Charging Sites, spending several hours in a destination spending valuable tourism dollars.