The State Government continues to support the recovery of communities affected by recent fires at the Thomas Foods International at Murray Bridge and the Sherwood Fire in the upper South East.

The State Government in conjunction with the Motor Accident Commission will again deliver free public transport on New Year’s Eve.

Higher Education and Skills Minister Susan Close has confirmed the Australian Skills Quality Authority has given TAFE SA an extension to respond in detail to the remediation of all affected courses.

A record 15,175 South Australian students are today celebrating completing their South Australian Certificate of Education.

Management consulting firm, Nous Group, has been appointed by the State Government to undertake a wide-ranging review of TAFE SA.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has today handed down its audit of 16 TAFE courses prompting a raft of changes within the corporation.

Public schools in South Australia are being urged to apply for a $2000 State Government grant so they can purchase a new flagpole. 

Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close made the announcement today at Richmond Primary School. 

Flags are used in Australia to demonstrate our national identity and raising the flag each day is a great lesson for students who want to learn more about history and our nation’s culture. 

Many schools across the State have written to the Department for Education and Child Development requesting funding for flagpoles. 


The $2000 installation grant is for schools that currently have only one or no flagpoles. 

All flagpoles will be installed by the end of next year. 

Quotes attributable to Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close 

Today’s announcement is fantastic news for public schools across the State. 

Many schools undertake morning assemblies and sing the national anthem and having the Australian Flag demonstrates pride not in only the school, but also in our country.  

It’s important for students to understand the significance of the flag and learn, for example, why and when it is flown at half-mast. 

Quotes attributable to Candidate for Badcoe Jayne Stinson  

As I've spent time with teachers and students at schools in our community they've raised with me the need for extra flagpoles. 

Our schools reflect our neighbourhoods and it's only right that every school has the chance to properly celebrate the special occasions that enrich our community. 

A new flagpole is such a simple thing, but it can make all the difference in educating young people about our heritage and inclusive values. 

Quotes attributable to Richmond Primary School Principal Tracey Davies  

At Richmond Primary School we take the signing of the national anthem and Australia’s cultural history very seriously.  

Our choir sings anthem at every assembly and it creates such a strong sense of pride amongst the students.

We currently have one old flagpole which we would love to replace and also apply for funding for a second one so we can celebrate important days with our community.

The State’s public primary and secondary schools will share in more than $67 million in extra funding next year to allow schools to focus on literacy and numeracy and extra support for students.

A number of changes to vocational education and training in South Australia will provide students and apprentices with a greater selection of subsidised qualifications and more choice about where they study. 

The Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Tanya Plibersek, today confirmed Federal Labor will reverse Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to schools in full, including the $210 million he is ripping from South Australia.

Two of South Australia’s most outstanding vocational education students and organisations have won national accolades at last night’s Australian Training Awards, held in Canberra.

By not signing up to the new education funding plan interim agreement, South Australia has further demonstrated it won’t be bullied by the Turnbull Government.