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The Marshall Liberal Government is continuing to invest in building a better health system and improving health services for all South Australians.

The 2018-19 Budget provided over $1.2 billion in additional funding into the state’s health system.

The 2019-20 Budget builds on that substantial investment and provides further funding of over $500 million over the next five years.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said making sure all services drive value for the taxpayer dollar is a priority for the Government.

“In the last 12 months, we have delivered on our key commitments including reactivating the Repat and commencing a financial and organisational recovery program in the Central Adelaide Local Health Network,” Minister Wade said.

“We have restored 24/7 cardiac services at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, implemented a world-first meningococcal B vaccination program for adolescents and young adults, and unveiled designs for major upgrades at Modbury Hospital.

“We have opened additional mental health beds, are reforming the state’s electronic medical records system, opened the state’s largest ambulance station in Parafield, and doubled the number of placements for medical interns in regional areas.

“Simultaneously, we are leading some of the biggest governance reforms in the health system of the last decade, ensuring decisions about health services will be made at a local level so that they’re better tailored to local needs.

“These initiatives, together with our extensive reforms, will deliver a safe, high quality and financially sustainable health system into the future.”

Minister Wade said although there are still significant efficiencies to be achieved to bring our health services in line with the national average, health services will continue to be enhanced as the budget bottom line improves.

“We will work with the Local Health Networks and their Governing Boards to ensure they continue to deliver high quality, value for money services across the system,” Minister Wade said.

“While SA Health continues to face budget challenges, including a projected overspend in 2018- 19 of around $95 million, we have significantly rectified the financial trajectory for SA Health, and remain committed to implementing the reforms outlined in the 2018-19 Budget in order to achieve national average efficiency.

“With accountability fundamentally shifting to the Governing Boards, we are confident that each Local Health Network will deliver efficient, effective and sustainable health services. “Meanwhile, we will continue to invest in our clinicians, services and world-class infrastructure to better support the health and wellbeing of all South Australians.”

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