Condolence Motion - Quentin Kenihan

Quentin Kenihan was loved and respected by so many South Australians. He was a passionate advocate for disability services and achieved great success in the entertainment industry. 


Mr. Speaker

I move that this House expresses its deep regret at the death of Quentin Kenihan and pays tribute to his significant contribution to the South Australian community.

Quentin Kenihan was small in stature.

But immense in heart.

He mixed with stars

For Russell Crowe he was ‘my little mate – the bravest bloke I ever met.’

To Mike Willesee, he was ‘such a tough little bugger who always defied the odds.’

Of course, Quentin became a star himself.

He got a TV show.

A radio show.

He appeared in a Mad Max film.

He wrote a memoir.

He said there was nothing he’d tried that he hadn’t been able to achieve.

He hustled.

He was always busy.

He just wouldn’t give up.

What a star.

Born with a brutal bone disease.

He said he stopped counting the fractures when they got to 560.

But he never complained.

Nothing stopped him.

As a nation, we fell in love with him at seven.

It was then that he told Ray Martin he’d just given an exclusive on his life to Willesee.

It rated well.

How could it not?

Quentin gave us 43 years of being as cheeky as he was cheerful.

He didn’t hide.

He was out there.

On our city streets.

Always smiling.

Eager to talk.

Never feeling sorry for himself.

For his true genius was in the inspiration he gave not only to those who are also physically challenged, but to the rest of us.

As he once said.

‘I wanted to show people that if this guy can do it, maybe they can follow their dreams too.’

What an epitaph.

He asked us all to do more for the disabled.

He wanted to do more himself.

By getting elected to the Adelaide City Council.

Alas, it was not to be.

But Quentin will never be forgotten.

The South Australian community will make sure of that.

By establishing an inclusive playground as a legacy.

Quentin, wherever you are now, your star is continuing to shine.

You will forever be an inspiration to all of us.

Our condolences go to Quentin’s family and his army of friends.

Vale Quentin Kenihan.





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