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A diverse and experienced group of individuals have been appointed to oversee the delivery of health services across South Australia, the Marshall Liberal Government has announced today.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said the appointments of board members to the 10 new Local Health Network Governing Boards are a major step in devolving decision making and responsibility to a local level.

“The board members will use their experience to drive better planning, outcomes and healthcare for patients,” Minister Wade said.

“This is a significant milestone in moving towards fully operational Governing Boards which will empower our staff, hospitals and health services with more authority and accountability.

“The LHN Boards will ensure health service decisions are tailored to local needs and deliver a safe, high quality and financially sustainable health system into the future.

“The Boards will be accountable for making sure our services deliver value for the taxpayer dollar.

“As with the Governing Board chairs, members will initially act in an advisory capacity until LHN Governing Boards become operational from 1 July 2019.”

Governing Board chairs were appointed in 2018 in an advisory role to assist in the lead up to the LHNs and the Boards becoming fully operational.

The Central Adelaide Local Health Network Governing Board, chaired by Raymond Spencer, was appointed in November 2018 to oversee the organisational and financial recovery of the Royal Adelaide and The Queen Elizabeth Hospitals.

The recruitment for Board members was a merit-based process and candidates were assessed according to the selection criteria.

A full list of each board and its members is available here.

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