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The Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement, Dr Roger Thomas, is commencing State-wide consultation to seek the views of Aboriginal communities to improve relations between government and Aboriginal people.  

Dr Thomas has already undertaken some targeted consultation with Aboriginal stakeholders.

This has developed an engagement reform proposal for his State-wide consultation.

Premier Steven Marshall committed in his Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan released in December 2018 to develop a model to facilitate and enable better engagement between the Government and Aboriginal communities and for Aboriginal views to be more represented in government decision-making.

The Premier said it was critical that the views of Aboriginal peoples were heard across all levels of government.

“I am committed to ensuring Aboriginal South Australians are adequately represented in the decisions that affect them,” said the Premier.

Dr Thomas urged Aboriginal South Australians to get involved in the consultation process.

“I encourage all Aboriginal people, communities and organisations to share their views, by attending a consultation session, or to provide written feedback on the recommended model,” Dr Thomas said.

The Commissioner has developed eleven draft guiding principles as a reference point for the discussion and development of potential models of Aboriginal engagement:

Once the Commissioner has consulted with Aboriginal communities over the coming three months, a report will be presented to the Premier for Cabinet to consider.

Aboriginal South Australians are encouraged to have their say during the consultation process, and can do so via a number of channels:


1. Attend a consultation:

The Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement will visit many sites across South Australia, and lead the consultation with Aboriginal people, organisations and representatives, over the next three months. To find out more information about the Commissioner’s visits across South Australia, arrange a meeting, or to request more information, contact the Office of the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement (OCAE) or visit


2. Provide written feedback:

Feedback Forms will be provided at all the consultation meetings. Alternatively, you may submit your feedback online. Detailed written submissions are also welcome and can be emailed to the Office of the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement at



Office of the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement:

Free call: 1800 931 733

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