Independent experts to review water main network

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The Marshall Liberal Government has today announced an independent review of SA Water’s water network asset management, to identify opportunities to reduce water main breaks.  

This independent review will look at how SA Water manages its water supply system including how it has prioritised asset replacement, its response to incidents, and how SA Water benchmarks against world’s best practice.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said over recent years water main breaks had caused disruption for households, commuters and local businesses.

“We know that over the past few years burst water mains have caused inconvenience, especially on some of our main roads,” said Minister Speirs. 

“In the past there have been questions raised about the responsiveness to mains breaks, and the impact it has had on people and businesses.

“Since coming into government I have visited burst water pipe sites and mains replacement works in different locations to see first-hand how they affect people’s lives. 

“While I have seen how SA Water response teams are working harder than ever before to respond to breaks, we now need to look at how to further reduce them and limit the broader impact to the community. 

“We want to ensure that South Australians are getting the best possible service when it comes to their water provider.

“The experts involved bring significant international experience and I look forward to receiving the results of the review from the SA Water Board in due course.

“The former Labor government failed to show any real interest in or take substantive action.

“Unlike Labor, we do not think that maintaining the status quo is acceptable and that’s why this independent review will take place.”

The SA Water board has selected AMCL, a globally recognised asset management consultancy specialist to conduct the review, drawing on experts from the Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

The review is expected in late 2019.

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