Landscape South Australia Bill paves way for major NRM reform


The Marshall Government will today introduce the Landscape South Australia Bill 2019 (the Bill) to Parliament to completely overhaul and reform natural resources management in South Australia.

The Bill will repeal the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (the Act) and replace the broken and dysfunctional Natural Resources Management system that has transpired under 16 years of Labor.

“The Marshall Government is establishing a new framework for managing the state’s natural resources and paves the way for a simpler more accessible system,” said Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs.

“It is proposed the eight regional NRM boards will be replaced with nine new regional landscape boards and will give communities and landholders a greater voice in natural resources management.

“The Bill establishes a Green Adelaide Board which will focus on seven priorities to help Adelaide become the most ecologically vibrant city in the world.

“It will also cap increases to land and water levies, helping to ease cost of living pressures for South Australian.

“Importantly, these reforms will encourage more on-ground action so regional communities can become more actively involved in nature resources management programs and initiatives.

“NRM reform is one of the Marshall Liberal Government’s key election commitments and I’m proud that, with the help and support of the South Australian community, I am able to introduce this Bill.

“Community consultation has driven this reform process and the Marshall Government has listened and will deliver what the community has asked for.

“Regional communities want a new system of managing natural resources that focuses on the basics, delivering effective water management, pest, plant and animal control, soil and land management and support for broader sustainable primary production programs.

“People want a simpler system, a greater voice in decision-making and board members that reflect their communities.

“This bill will provide all of these things and more. It also provides transitional arrangements for winding up existing NRM Boards and will help to ensure a smooth transition to regional landscape boards.

“It will deliver on the Marshall Government’s commitment to improve the way natural resources are managed in this state for the benefit of all South Australians and promote a productive and sustainable natural landscape.”

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