New contract to build buses will deliver public transport boost

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The Marshall Government has awarded Scania Australia the contract to supply approximately 340 buses for a potential ten-year term for the Metropolitan Adelaide Bus Network.

The contract will expand employment outcomes for South Australia with a minimum of 29 of the 34 buses each year to be constructed in South Australia by Precision Buses, including supply chains.

Key features of the new bus contract include;

  • The supply of approximately 340 buses over the next ten years;
  • A demonstration Hybrid bus to be provided by 2020, with first full evaluation Hybrid to be delivered in 2021;
  • Flexible contract enabling changes to bus mix based on government priorities;
    • Current mix: 29 rigid, five articulated per year;
  • KPI based supplier performance reviews;
  • All buses will be Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant; and,
  • All buses will have driver security screens, duress alarms, CCTV and a fire suppression system.

“The Marshall Government is building a better public transport network that will deliver more customer focussed services for South Australians,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“We know that public transport patronage growth has stalled over the last ten years and we need to keep improving our service offering to drive patronage and encourage people to catch public transport.  

“We’ve struck a great deal for South Australians with the new contract to supply 340 new buses over the next ten years.

“Beginning in 2020, the fuel-efficient and low emission Euro 6-compliant Scania-powered bus chassis will be fitted with locally made bus bodies.

“The contract has a number of triggers and mechanisms to ensure South Australians are getting the best possible buses.

“Built into this contract are KPI based reviews but probably most importantly is the flexibility we have been able to achieve.

“This flexibility is crucially important so we can continue to keep pace with ever changing technologies and so our buses can adapt to Adelaide’s changing public transport needs.

“Excitingly we will see more diesel-electric Hybrid bus on Adelaide’s streets as soon as next year.

“These Hybrid buses will reduce carbon exhaust emissions by up to 24 per cent while still delivering the same level of service.

“Importantly, all buses will be DDA compliant and have a number of security features in place to keep drivers and passengers safe.

“In conjunction with the provision of bus services, this contract is one of the biggest leavers we have to pull to deliver better and more customer-focussed bus services.”

Scania Australia currently holds a Bus Supply and Support Services Agreement with the department, which expires on 31 October.

Over the last six years, an average of 27 buses per year have been delivered. Under the new contract, an average of 34 buses per year are expected to be delivered.

DPTI manages 990 buses in Metropolitan Adelaide as part of the Adelaide Metro Public Transport system.

New buses are purchased each year to replace existing buses, which are no longer fit for purpose or have reached the compulsory retirement age of 25 years, as required under the Passenger Transport Regulations 2009.

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