Outcomes Framework for children and young people formally adopted


South Australia’s new Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People, which aims to help our youngest citizens to start well, grow strong and experience a good life, has been formally adopted today by the Marshall Liberal Government.

Designed and overseen by the Child Development Council, the framework will help service providers, including state and local government, to identify emerging trends and point to where improvements are needed to support our young people to thrive.

The framework sets out to monitor, track and report the outcomes of children in five dimensions: health, safety, wellbeing, education and citizenship.

It will be valuable in assisting the government to effectively target policy, legislation, funding and services.

Monitoring over time will identify emerging trends, provide evidence of inequalities for specific communities and show where improvements are needed.

Feedback from across South Australia has helped determine the measures most crucial in tracking and reporting the outcomes of children and young people.

The approach puts South Australia at the forefront of an emerging national trend to adopt a holistic focus on improving the policy settings and service delivery to the young.  

“The framework will be invaluable in gaining an overall picture of how children and young people are faring, providing an impetus for state and local government collaboration to improve the outcomes of the youngest South Australians,” said Education Minister John Gardner.

“A collective and sustained effort will enable children and young people in South Australia to start well, grow strong and experience a good life, now and in the future.”

The framework can be accessed at childrensa.sa.gov.au.

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