Reception for Adelaide United, 2018 FFA Cup Winners

Adelaide United have been crowned 2018 FFA Cup champions after winning the grand final at Coopers Staduim. A special reception was held at the Town Hall to honour the players and their coach. 


Good afternoon everyone.

It’s great to be with you.

Just as it was great to be at Hindmarsh Stadium eight evenings ago.

To celebrate this magnificent achievement of our Reds.

I join the Lord Mayor in saluting you for doing our city and our State proud.

By winning the 2018 FFA Cup.

Sydney was out coached and outplayed.

The performance of these players on the field was superb.

Every one of them.

And so was the backing of the supporters.

More than 14,000 packing the ground last Tuesday night.

And the many thousands watching on television around our nation.

It was a proud night for South Australian soccer.

And for South Australia as we showed the nation how good a State we can be.

Finishing runner up to Sydney in 2017 no doubt fuelled the team to perform at its absolute best.

And it did.

We’ll never forget the two goals of Craig Goodwin.

A born and bred South Australian who must surely now play for our national team again after a performance like that – and backed up on Sunday against the Central Coast Mariners.

Craig was one star amongst many. 

Making our Reds the only team to have won the FFA Cup twice, following their first triumph in 2014.

I attended that game as well.

Another great night at Hindmarsh Stadium.

Another sell-out crowd.

And it’s good to acknowledge two members of that team have become second time FFA Cup winners – Isaias and Michael Marrone.

For this 2018 triumph, my sincere congratulations to all players, coaches, support staff, sponsors and team owners.

So often the team behind the team is overlooked when celebrating wins.

However, I’m sure all of you here today acknowledge and congratulate these men and women on their valuable contribution. 

The sea of red, cheering, chanting, jumping fans was no doubt a huge motivating factor for the team.

The way the Reds supporters get behind the team is really quite something.

I’d hate to be an opposing player.

As players, you are role models to our future generations.

Whether they be aspiring Socceroos, Matildas or just people wanting to have a social kick in the park with their mates.

Football – the world game -  has experienced enormous growth in recent years and everyone associated with Adelaide United should be proud of the role that they have played in inspiring others to come on board.

Sport has an incredible impact on communities.

We all walk just a little taller when our teams perform well and with integrity. 

I look forward to following Adelaide United’s men’s and women’s teams in this years A-League and W-League.

May the success continue!

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