Sports crazy South Aussies cash in on beefed-up vouchers

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More than $850,000 has been put back into the pockets of South Australian parents thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of the Marshall Government’s beefed-up Sports Vouchers Program.

Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing figures reveal $858,821 has been returned to parents since January 1 - a 436 per cent increase on last year’s figure over the same period ($159,999) - thanks to the Liberal State Government’s decision to double their value from $50 to $100.

Sports Minister Corey Wingard said he was delighted the program was allowing thousands more South Australian parents to get their children into sport without hurting their hip pocket.

“It is well-known that playing sport helps develop pathways for our children towards a healthy lifestyle,” Minister Wingard said.

“It also provides a sense of community and belonging that can stay with a child and increase their overall wellbeing throughout their whole life.”

The Marshall Government also added dance to the list of sports able to use the vouchers, which has been responsible for more than 1,000 of the vouchers used and has returned $107,142 back to parents.

The program has recognised providers through more than a hundred sports and recreation activities throughout South Australia.

“Taking $100 off your sports fees provides a welcome relief for families who can put those extra funds towards cost of living pressures without having to restrict their child’s lifestyle,” Minister Wingard said.

To get your voucher, or find a recognised provider, go to

From 1 January 2019 - 21 February 2019 ($100 Vouchers available);
8,651 Vouchers (2019) have been claimed totalling $858,821
Of these: 1,072 Vouchers (2019) (12.39%) have claimed $107,142 (12.47%) for dance activities.

Same time frame last year (1/1/2018 – 21/2/2018)
3,209 Vouchers (2018) were claimed totaling $159,999

*Source: The Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing

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