State's finest nurses and midwives in the spotlight


Some of the State’s finest nurses and midwives were in the spotlight at the Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards last night, with a diverse range of winners from private and public health care facilities across South Australia.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said the award winners highlight the hard work and dedication of our nurses and midwives who are committed to making a difference every day.

“It is a privilege to be able to recognise the skills and commitment of nurses and midwives across South Australia,” Minister Wade said.

“The Awards recognise exceptional practice and the difference that nurses and midwives make within the community and their profession.

“The nominees, finalists and award winners all showcased the brilliant programs, unique initiatives, and dedicated individuals involved in the care of South Australians.”  

South Australia’s Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Jenny Hurley, said the Awards give nurses and midwives the opportunity to recognise one another for their work.

“I am extremely proud of all the state’s nurses and midwives, not only the ones acknowledged here tonight but to all of those across the state,” Ms Hurley said.

“Each and every nurse and midwife consistently go over and above what is expected of them and they make a positive difference to the community.

“It is fantastic that we can acknowledge the hard work of the nurses and midwives through these annual Awards.”


The 2019 Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Award winners are:


Mary Buckskin Award:

Rikki Arbon

Rikki was approached to engage with staff and tell her story at the NALHN 2018 NAIDOC Week, all-staff presentation. She undertook studies as a carer, and then continued her education with a traineeship in aged care. Her desire to stay in a caring profession and learn more led her to an Enrolled Nursing course.


Excellence in Innovation in Education:

Gavin Pead-Ferenczi

Gavin is incredibly creative and innovative when it comes to delivering the educational requirements of the Surgical Directorate- CALHN. Gavin uses a very practical and entertaining approach to education, such as placing staff in traction / fiberglass casts / lifters to ensure knowledge of application and empathy from patient experience. organising popcorn and screening of the movie “The Doctor” as it conveys a very strong message about empathy from a patient’s perspective, scavenger hunts, quizzes with prizes, baking and decorating a giant ‘Banana in Pyjama’ cake, and incorporating educational aids such as cannulation arm.


Excellence in Leadership:

Rachael Yates

Rachel is a member of a number of SA Health and CHSALHN maternal and neonatal committees including the SA Maternal and Neonatal & Gynaecological Community of Practice Clinical Reference Group, as well as national  forums. Rachel not only is responsible for putting CHSA position forward but to also ensure the communication and feedback across country is timely and accurately reflected.


Excellence in Practice – Nursing:

Ann Jackson

As Nurse Consultant for Haemophilia Anne provides a co-ordination role within the multi-disciplinary team, her role is comprehensive and expansive. Having provided a Haemophilia Nursing service for 18 years Anne provides continuity of care for this patient group having often known patients from infancy or in some cases having provided parents with support prior to the birth of a child with haemophilia.


Excellence in Practice – Midwifery:

Lois McKellar

A recent accomplishment of Lois’ has been the establishment of a midwifery-led clinic at the University of South Australia.  This innovative model of midwifery care is the first of its kind in Australia and has been set up to partner with women and their families to receive continuity of care with a known midwife throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.  


Excellence in Practice – Enrolled Nurse:

Jacinta Hannigan

Jacinta previously worked in a community role and a community support worker prior to returning to work in the acute/aged sector at Quorn six years ago. Jacinta has continued to utilise the skills that she developed in her community role to improve the health knowledge of patients admitted and to the greater Quorn Community.


Excellence in Innovation in Clinical Research:

Julie Fleet

Julie’s research career has been largely focused on opioid analgesia, particularly the use of fentanyl for use by women during labour. What started out as a wish to enable women to make informed choices for pain relief in labour has eventuated in this landmark piece of research. This will benefit women and their babies for years to come.


Excellence in person Centred Care – Team Award:

Virtual Clinic Care Monitoring Hub

The Virtual Clinical Care (VCC) Home Monitoring Service is a futuristic model of nursing care. The team of nurses provide daily remote monitoring for clients with chronic conditions including heart failure, COPD, hypertension and diabetes.


Consumer Appreciation:

Ann Felder

Ann Felder is a nurse in the Riverland working in the Better Care in the Community (BCIC) team as a chronic condition nurse. Ann helped a patient who says that life is much better because Ann really cared. They are really grateful for all the services provided and for Ann for noticing that things were not right and going above and beyond to bring all the teams together to improve their overall health.


Humanitarian Awards (4 winners):

Alice Every

Alice is currently the Nursing Director of Aged care, Rehabilitation and Palliative care in the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network. In 2016 Alice decided to take a year to volunteer her skills and was part of the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVI) program that provides volunteers from Australia to nearly 30 countries, helping organisations deliver their objectives.


Margaret Maloney

Marg is a founding member of Overseas specialist surgical association of Australia (OSSAA ). OSSAA has been providing major surgery for poor people in Timor Leste and Eastern Indonesia who suffer from burns, cleft palates, congenital defects, leprosy, disease, cysts, tumours and trauma.


David West

David West is a manager and mental health nurse based in Victor Harbor, providing specialist mental health care for the surrounding rural communities. David has had significant involvement in humanitarian aid, both internationally and locally, providing psychological support to serving Defence personnel, veterans and those affected by disaster.


Joy Booth

Joy is currently a Nurse Education Facilitator -Technical Suite (Theatre, Interventional and Procedural Rooms) at The Royal Adelaide Hospital. Joy has been a key member of the volunteer plastic and reconstructive surgical mission to Timor Leste delivered by the Overseas Specialist Surgical Association of Australia (OSSAA) and /Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) team since March 2000.

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