Lower Costs

Sports Nuts Reap $4.8 Million Windfall

South Australians kids have gone sports mad amid a beefed-up vouchers program which has now saved mums and dads almost $5 million in just over six months.

Figures from the Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing show that between January 1 and July 15 this year, 51,117 vouchers have been used to save taxpayers $4,832,711.

This figure has boomed from 36,049 vouchers and $1,796,322 for the same period in 2018.

Insurers AAMI, SGIC follow competitors' lead and 'floor' their CTP rates for cars, utes

The State Government has welcomed the move by private insurers, AAMI and SGIC, to reduce CTP insurance premiums offered to private passenger vehicles and all light goods carrying vehicles, such as utes, to the lowest rate possible under full-competition.

It follows a similar move by competitor QBE who, earlier this month, also responded quickly by reducing its CTP premium rates for some classes from the highest rate possible to match the pricing of competitor Allianz.

Electricity relief begins today

In welcome news, from today tens of thousands South Australia households and small businesses will be paying up to 12 per cent less for their electricity, with hundreds of thousands of others across the state also benefiting from more modest reductions in their electricity bills.

“Some of the 80,000 households and businesses on standing contracts in South Australia will be the biggest winners from today with potential savings of hundreds of dollars per annum as result of the introduction of the Default Market Offer,” said Minister Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan. 

Interconnector gets major project status

In another significant step towards the proposed SA-NSW interconnector, the Marshall Liberal Government has granted the nation-building infrastructure Major Project Status.

Major Project Status recognises the economic significance of the interconnector to South Australia and delivers a rigorous whole of government assessment process.

The $1.5 billion SA-NSW interconnector will deliver cheaper electricity to consumers in both states whilst improving reliability across the network.

State Budget remains in surplus as Marshall Government builds a stronger economy, invests in big job-creating infrastructure

The Marshall Liberal Government’s second State Budget projects a modest surplus in 2019-20 and across each year of the forward estimates despite a significant write-down in forecast GST grant revenues.

The 2019-20 State Budget’s net operating surplus of $94 million in 2019-20 maintains the strong fiscal record of the Marshall Liberal Government whilst growing the economy and follows the estimated $101 million surplus in its first budget in 2018-19.

Massive $11.9 billion infrastructure investment to grow the economy and jobs

The Marshall Liberal Government is investing in a significant infrastructure program to drive ongoing positive economic and jobs growth in South Australia, while leaving a legacy for future generations.

The 2019-20 State Budget includes an $11.9 billion pipeline of projects over the four years from 2019-20 to 2022-23, which will not only transform the face of Adelaide and the regions but create a steady stream of jobs across the construction and trades sector.

Housing stimulus package to boost construction industry, grow local jobs and help more South Australians break into property market

The Marshall Liberal Government has announced a sweeping $104.5 million housing stimulus package in the 2019-20 State Budget that will grow local jobs, support the local construction industry and assist more South Australians, particularly first-home buyers, break into the property market.

Thousands of South Australian households missing out on energy bill savings

The Liberal Government is urging around 120,000 South Australian households to take advantage of the current energy discount offer which could result in savings of up to $585 off annual energy bills.

A total of 1600 households joined the existing 50,000 customers who have signed up to the discounted energy deal with Origin since the State Government increased its SA Concessions Energy Discount offer from 18 to 20 per cent in April.

Premier Steven Marshall urged eligible South Australian households to take advantage of the energy discount offer.

Further boon for motorists as QBE ‘floors’ its CTP rates for cars, utes

The State Government has welcomed the move by private insurer, QBE, to reduce its CTP insurance premiums offered to private passenger vehicles and all goods carrying light vehicles, such as utes, to the lowest rate possible under full-competition.

QBE’s new CTP rate of $296.77 for a private passenger vehicle in metropolitan Adelaide and the Hills (premium class 1) – to come into effect from July 31 – cuts $68 off its previously published rate of $364.75 and matches the pricing of competitor Allianz.